1- Geotourism

As one of the Southwestern provinces in Iran, ChB can be considered as an outstanding region mostly because of being stretched out in the heart of central Zagros.

Deep fault valleys such as Tang-e-Zendan and Ma’adan village, high walls with major morphological types, unique anticlines and synclines of the 3rd geologic period, permanent ice caps with ten meters of snow in Zard-Kouh, salt domes and ice caves are some of the thousand geological features of this area which are not only exquisite, but can also be used as a living and dynamic Geology lesson.

2- Sport tourism

Water-filled rivers, seasonal ponds and lakes, waters reserved behind dams all have provided potential facilities for sports like rafting, fishing, water skiing, and swimming shown in Fig. 3. Green plains and meadows, beautiful and not so crowded paths with temperate weather, woods and knolls throughout the province and the skirts of snow-covered mountains with slight slopes have brought about sports like mountain climbing, skiing, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, martial arts and local sports, and so on.

3 Nomad tourism

Every year the whole family travels through green pastures, plains and mountains with flocks and herds from winter quarters to summer quarters and vice versa. The majority of Bakhtiari nomads are called “Haft-Lang” and “Chahar-Lang” who are settled mostly in north, northwest, west, south, southwest, southeast and central areas of the province. They spend winters in summer quarters of Khouzestan, the summers in winter quarters of cities like Farsan, Kouhrang, Ardal, Kiar, Lordegan and Boroujen. These people speak Bakhtiari that is one of the branches of Pahlavi language and, fortunately, has not changed so much. The culture and the lifestyle of these people is unique and has a historical origin. This culture has affected all aspects of their life including their clothes style to the extent that their clothing has traces of the local culture and is beautifully unique. On the whole, it can be said that the Nomads culture and lifestyle is one of the richest of its kind.

4 Rural tourism

Various geographical conditions along with ancient background have created unique and wonderful villages which are important both from a natural and from a historical point of view in spite of a few major differences. In these villages, farming, gardening and animal husbandry are really flourishing and apiculture is also carried out traditionally. Another tourist attraction of these villages is different hand-woven stuff whose raw material is obtained from animals and wild plants.

5 Cultural and historical tourism

Physical and spiritual heritage left from the ancestors of hardworking and resistant people in the land of ChB is represented in historical buildings among which are ancient monuments, holy places, resting places of great and famous people, museums, discovered items; social and religious rituals, literature, stories, dialects, proverbs, poetry, music, birthdays and funerals and special occasions ceremonies such as Nowrouz national feast; social lifestyles like nomad migration, rural living, urban living and other living styles.

Handicrafts and traditional artwork which are a part of the rich culture of this province and precious memorial of our ancestors- manifesting the artistic heritage of these people and link their long-lasting customs, art and creativity. All these abounding strengths excite the tourists who adore culture and civilization.

A new look to Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari, The highest land in Iran (by: Dr Hamed Saghaei)